How to pack wine suitably for shipping

How to pack wine suitably for shipping
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Gifting a bottle of wine or have a wine business? No matter the reason, knowing how to pack wine for shipping is crucial to ensure those precious bottles arrive intact and ready to enjoy. In this guide, we'll explore how to pack wine for shipping, from selecting the right materials to following a simple step-by-step process. 

How to select the right materials to package wine

When it comes to packaging wine for shipping, the quality of materials matters. Opting for sturdy cardboard boxes, such as those tested through DISCS testing like DS Smith ePack’s cardboard boxes, provides a strong foundation for your shipment. These boxes have been rigorously tested to withstand the rigours of transit, offering peace of mind that your wine will arrive safely at its destination.

Step by step: how to pack wine for shipping

Use sturdy cardboard boxes

As mentioned previously, the box is your first line of defence, so choose a sturdy cardboard box designed specifically for shipping wine bottles. These boxes often have internal dividers to keep bottles separate and prevent them from clinking together during transit. 

Cushion bottles with paper bubble wrap

Paper bubble wrap is your best friend when it comes to packing wine for shipping. Wrap each individual bottle generously in bubble wrap, making sure to cover the entire bottle, including the neck. Secure the bubble wrap with tape to ensure it stays in place during transportation. 

Notably, while conventional packing methods entail this meticulous process, our cardboard wine bottle boxes simplify the task by providing dividers as part of their packaging solution, offering a distinct advantage worth emphasising. 

Fill gaps with packing materials

Once your bottles are securely wrapped, place them inside the box. If there are any gaps between the bottles and the box walls, fill them with packing materials like shredded paper. The goal is to eliminate any space where the bottles can move around and potentially hit each other. 

Add the appropriate labels for shipping

Before sealing the box, be sure to add all the necessary shipping labels, including the recipient's address, your address, and any fragile or "liquor" labels required by the shipping carrier. 

The importance of wine getting to its destination intact

Ensuring that wine arrives at its destination intact is paramount for both sellers and enthusiasts alike. Beyond the pleasure of enjoying a fine wine, there's a sense of anticipation and investment attached to each bottle sent or received. The importance of this lies not only in preserving the quality and taste of the wine but also in maintaining its value and integrity. A bottle that arrives damaged not only diminishes the enjoyment for the recipient but also reflects poorly on the sender, potentially impacting future transactions or relationships. 

Common mistakes to avoid when shipping wine

Here are a few common mistakes to avoid when shipping wine:

  • Temperature Fluctuations: Extreme temperatures can damage wine. Avoid shipping during heatwaves or freezing weather. Choose carriers that offer temperature-controlled shipping options.
  • Label for fragile product: Properly marking packages as "fragile" alerts handlers to exercise extra care, reducing the risk of mishandling.
  • Excess Humidity: High humidity can lead to “container rain.” Moisture drips onto wine bottles, ruining labels and causing spoilage. Ensure proper humidity levels during shipping.
  • Vibration: Rough handling or transport can negatively impact wine quality. Minimize vibration to protect the wine’s integrity.
  • Improper Packaging: Wine is delicate. Proper packaging is crucial. Use sturdy boxes to prevent breakage during transit.

By following these simple steps on how to pack wine for shipping, you can ensure your bottles arrive at their destination safe and sound. Discover our variety of exclusive boxes for wine shipment: Cardboard Wine Boxes - 1 Bottle, Cardboard Wine Bottle Box - 4, Cardboard Wine Bottle Box - 6 Bottles. As DS Smith ePack's ecommerce platform, we prioritise swift delivery, with most orders reaching their destination within 48 hours.

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