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Our Top 5 E-Commerce Packaging Blog Posts of 2019

During 2019 we’ve continued to build on our library of (hopefully) helpful content that helps you understand and run your E-Commerce business. On that theme, let’s take a look at the Top 5 E-Commerce packaging blog posts of 2019, at least, the ones our readers found most useful! So read on to find out

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Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Alternatives

Shoppers want eco-friendly bubble wrap alternatives, and choose companies who use it in their packaging over those who don’t, 81% of consumers said that given the choice they would choose cartonboard or cardboard packaging over plastic. In this article we'll address both the environmental and financial impact of switching to alternatives.

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Making Travel Easier & More Sustainable with OneNine5

For travel luggage brand (and DS Smith customer) OneNine5, environmental sustainability isn’t just one of its core values–it’s the foundation of the entire company. In 2017, Founder, Alex Stewart watched Blue Planet II, the documentary series hosted by David Attenborough, and was shocked to learn about the devastating impact that plastic pollution is having

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Sustainable Packaging for the Millennial Consumer

It’s no secret that sustainability is a hot-button issue for consumers, and savvy companies are paying attention and responding to market demand. In recent years, a wave of eco-friendly products have entered the marketplace across industries – from foods and cleaning products to cosmetics and clothing. And it’s not just small businesses and startups

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Why Right-Sized Packaging is Budget- and Eco-Friendly

Consider this business proposition: how would you like to pay a significant amount of money every year to send your customers... absolutely nothing? Nada. Zilch. Zip. How does that sound to you? If someone approached you with this plan, you’d dismiss it as a ridiculous scam and kick them out of your office. Yet that is

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What Are Recyclable Packaging Materials?

How do you determine which packaging materials to use in your e-commerce business? Cost, convenience, utility and marketability are all traditional considerations. In the past, you’d likely pick the most affordable packaging that fit your company’s needs, regardless of what it was made of. But that mentality is changing. Why is Sustainable Packaging Important? Environmental

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