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Our Top 5 E-Commerce Packaging Blog Posts of 2019

During 2019 we’ve continued to build on our library of (hopefully) helpful content that helps you understand and run your E-Commerce business. On that theme, let’s take a look at the Top 5 E-Commerce packaging blog posts of 2019, at least, the ones our readers found most useful! So read on to find out how to pick the right size box for your product, the different styles of corrugated boxes, eco-friendly packaging options and more.

Different Styles of Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

styles of cardboard boxes

First on the list is an informative article that is particularly useful for both startups and more established E-Commerce businesses who have gone beyond simply making those first few sales, instead, you’re in year 2-5 and are looking for ways to upgrade your packaging.

This is why this article is particularly useful for you, information regarding fluting, single-wall boxes or double-wall cardboard boxes, the game-changer that is DISCS testing as well as the more advanced FEFCO codes.

It’s the perfect way to step up your game, finding out how to reduce the risk of damage to products you ship to customers but also in acquiring this knowledge, you not only improve the quality of your own offering, you can save money in doing so.

In actual fact this is perfect for any E-Commerce looking to cut packaging costs, that might explain it’s popularity at number one spot for 2019…

Eco-Friendly Paper Bubble Wrap

eco friendly paper bubble wrap

Number 2 on our list is the one for any E-Commerce that is conscious of the effect they have on the environment, not wanting to add to the millions of kilos of plastic suffocating the planet whilst not forgoing the need for affordable, effective packaging.

This article presents users with the perfect solution for finding a balance between protecting your product but also conveying the quality of a premium brand (and forming part of a great unboxing experience to boot!).

Take a look at eco-friendly E-Commerce packaging to have a more in-depth review of the reasons to use it and most interestingly for you, the benefits it can bring your business.

Finding The Right Size Box for E-Commerce Packaging

find the right size box

It’s not only the size of the product you’re shipping that you have to consider, what material is it made from? Is it delicate jewellery? Or is it more sturdy like a wooden bowl? Maybe you’re an E-Commerce florist and you need a box sizeable enough to allow the flowers to keep their shape but not be too bulky to ship? Skim through this and you’ll quickly find answers to questions about product material, dimensions and more.

(By the way, the flowers boxes question? The solution is a product-specific flower shipping boxes, specially designed to ensure flowers retain all their aesthetic beauty without being too bulky to ship or to post, just saved you 5 minutes reading there!).

Sustainable Travel with OneNine5

packaging for sustainable travel

In their attempt to rid the world of single-use plastics, our client, OneNine5 have brought their stylish wash bags to market to aid the push for more sustainable travel. Their detachable wash bags are a huge time saver for travellers but also, using this one bag repeatedly greatly reduces the impact that the travel industry has on the environment.

But how does this relate to you and your business?

Read all about their focus on providing a tremendous customer experience, the importance of sustainable packaging and why this brought about a perfect alignment between DS Smith ePack and OneNine5, meaning we have been, and continue to provide them with custom printed E-Commerce boxes.

Millennials Love Sustainable Packaging

sustainable packaging for millennials

In this article we examine how millennials, collectively are an enormous buying force, their sheer numbers and disposable income make them a very attractive group to E-Commerce companies.

But what can you do with this information? Well, when you combine this with the knowledge that 75% of millennials are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings and 53% of those consider eco-friendly packaging as an important driver of purchasing, the opportunity becomes clear, use sustainable packaging, and millennials will come.

An additional benefit is the presence of millennials on social media, much of their lives are shared on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc and in using sustainable, maybe even branded packaging, millennials are doing much of the work of your marketing department by promoting your product/company, reaching places that maybe you never could, even with expensive ads.

But we don’t leave it there, we’re not just going to tell you ‘Use sustainable packaging’, in addition, we’re looking at questions to consider when choosing the right packaging for your specific product. Vital questions that you must consider, and if you get it right, give you the competitive edge that can make the difference between success and failure.

What Next for E-Commerce Packaging in 2020?

That just about wraps up our top E-Commerce packaging blog posts of 2019, we hope that whether some or all of these articles are new to you, or you’ve already read through them in the past 12 months, they were able to help you improve your E-Commerce packaging, with all the knock-on effects that come with it, setting yourselves apart from the competition.

Be sure to look out for our upcoming article on the most appropriate type of voidfill that you should use to protect your parcels! It not only helps the product within stay in prime condition, but it also adds an extra sprinkle of fun to the unboxing experience.

All products mentioned in this article can be found in our webshop, from Cardboard Boxes, to Mailers and tubes, even customizable shipping labels, and so much more, so if you want your customers to receive their goods in prime condition but also add extra value, consider a personalized message on the interior of the box, even something as classy as your brand logo adorning the exterior shell or anything else we can help you with, just drop us an email at or give us a quick call on 01908 088888.

Add Branding to Your Packaging

All you need for a great unboxing experience just a few clicks away.

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