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Get ready, because Black Friday is just around the corner! This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all your postal packaging solutions at unbeatable prices. But before the shopping frenzy starts, make sure you're fully prepared. At ePack we understand the importance of packaging during this peak season. That's why we offer the best cardboard packaging solutions to ensure your products are protected and delivered in perfect condition. But it doesn't stop there. We also believe in creating an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers. That's why we offer a range of unique packaging options, including our Sizzlepak shredded paper, tissue paper, and other plastic-free alternatives.

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Why the unboxing experience is so important?

Unboxing is the first time a consumer gets to touch your product so presentation is key to making it more than just opening a parcel. It’s your one chance to make a good first impression and the appearance of the product at its unveiling should enhance its reputation. Good quality and stylish packaging is a representation of your brand. It demonstrates care, attention to detail and excellence, and can help set you apart from your competition. Imaging ordering two similar products from different retailers on Black Friday; one arrives in a traditional brown cardboard box secured with parcel tape and has the product drowning in a sea of polystyrene, the other in a bespoke made shipping box with the product laid out in such a way that you actually take a moment to appreciate it with your eyes before you dive in. Which would you remember as an experience? Which would stick in your mind as a Black Friday purchase and encourage you to buy from the same retailer again next year? Which shows a company with class and sophistication? And which would you prefer to give as a present?

Should I brand my packaging?

Branding is one of the most important aspects of identity for all businesses. From adverts to websites, headed paper to ethos, how you present your brand to your customers is one of the key drivers in consumer loyalty and customer retention. Getting your packaging right extends that branding right to the end of the customer experience. And beyond that, it creates a whole new experience when your product is revealed. Bespoke packaging makes the recipient feel valued. And it can also lead to totally free advertising. There are over 1.6 million YouTube channels dedicated to unboxing with the most popular posts receiving upwards of 2.4 billion views. Imagine that – 2.4 billion people seeing your perfectly packaged product and sharing in the anticipation and wow factor that comes with its unboxing. That’s the potential reach of quality packaging and just one more reason why gift box packaging is critical to brand identity, marketing strategy and customer expectations. Don’t get left behind this Black Friday and send us your bespoke request now!

How to prepare for Black Friday 2023?

With such a huge swing towards online shopping on the cards, it’s crucial that online retailers make sufficient preparations to ensure they can fulfil customer expectations. And take note, that’s expectations, not demand. Of course, having enough stock to meet the demands is a huge part of those preparations but modern customers want more. E-commerce has opened up the world to consumers in an unprecedented way and it is very little you can’t buy somewhere online these days. So customer experience has taken on increased importance and, in addition to placing their Black Friday order from the comfort of their own home, consumers also expect the item to arrive quickly and in perfect condition. These are two fundamental things you must get right in order to retain that customer for future purchases. And with 79% of consumers saying they plan to continue to use online shopping for most purchases even the world returns to normal, providing a good quality customer experience this Black Friday should be at the top of the agenda for all E-commerce stores regardless of their product line. So, to ensure you achieve both of those fundamental elements, you need to make sure you have sufficient stocks of good quality shipping boxes to meet customer expectations. And to complete the customer experience, businesses should consider delivery and presentation in addition to just the quality and price of their products.

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