Black November

  • Black packaging that stands out on Black Friday
  • Discover our range of black gift and e-commerce boxes
  • Eco-friendly and high-quality black packaging additions

When should I start to plan my Black Friday Packaging?

The earlier, the better. Depending on the packaging you decide for, lead times can vary. When using standard stock boxes, you can order your Black Friday packaging directly from our website and receive it within 2-3 working days. If you decide for a more special customised solution, meaning branded boxes or packaging in a specific size, just fill in the bespoke request form, and our account management team will contact you to offer the best packaging solution that suits your requirements.

Why should I use Black Packaging on Black Friday?

Black packaging boxes are the perfect choice for Black Friday purchases and will add a touch of class to the unboxing experience. Match your packaging to the occasion and send it in a black box to remind your customer that this product was a great Black Friday deal! Stand out packaging is a competitive advantage over your peers and increases consumer loyalty and customer retention.

Which is the right Black Packaging for my products?

Our black postal boxes have been designed to facilitate smooth assembly and high resistance during transit. Ideal for any e-commerce business and highly recommend for accessories, clothing, cosmetics and home decor. The classic black gift boxes with lids are a popular choice for gift packaging. Signifying style and elegance, black is the most common colour for gift boxes in the UK. Since black is both chic and versatile, you can use these boxes with a wide range of gifts, including luxury foods, clothing and accessories. Black tissue paper and black SizzlePak are a great addition to protect your products and give them a neat and attractive look.

Is Black Packaging eco-friendly?

All our black cardboard boxes and black gift boxes are made from FSC certified virgin paper or recycled cardboard. Our black shredded paper and tissue paper is acid-free and a great additional to any black packaging for Black Friday.

  • Orders from 100 units and volume discounts
  • Only 5 days from order to delivery
  • Largest e-commerce packaging range
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  1. Black SizzlePak© Shredded Paper

    Black SizzlePak© Shredded Paper

  2. Black Tissue Paper

    Black Tissue Paper

  3. Black Cardboard Boxes for E-commerce

    Black Cardboard Boxes for E-commerce

  4. Black Gift Boxes with Lids

    Black Gift Boxes with Lids

  5. Black Round Labels

    Black Round Labels

  6. Gift Ribbon - Black

    Gift Ribbon - Black

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